Understanding the Different Types of Web Hosting

Different Types of Web HostingThe world of web hosting is complex and highly competitive; lately people increasingly require highly reliable service to cope with the ever changing trends. Depending on his service requirements, a person’s preferences may vary, thus different hosting type were created to accommodate individual’s needs.

Free Web Hosting – free hosting is definitely one of the most popular types of web hosting service today, for people who want to experience the intricate but highly likeable world of web hosting yet were afraid of shedding cash to pay for a hosting fee for the first time, getting one of the many web hosting services for free is their best option.

Free web hosting is usually the training ground for a novice individual; various services such as free blogging, forums and discussion boards or even free small personal or business websites were few examples of a free web hosting.

Dedicated Web Hosting – if your business receives high traffic and you can’t afford to lose profits due to unplanned downtime your best bet is to subscribe into a dedicated web hosting solution.

Dedicated Web Hosting allows the user to access and freely control the resources of his hosting environment. This type of web hosting is best suited to clients that require reliable uptime and fast speed to maintain a high level of service for its customers.

Shared Hosting – another common web hosting type is the virtual or shared hosting; in this hosting environment multiple clients typically shares everything including bandwidth, operating system, memory and application of a host. The quality and speed that you will get will mainly depend on the number of clients sharing the host’s resources.

Collocated Hosting – co-allocation in web hosting means placing your very own server into the provider’s data center, this type is useful if you want your site to be built according to your specifics and reap the best possible benefits of a well maintained server.

Managed Web Hosting – this type is similar to dedicated web hosting only better, a managed web host server is feature-packed; it has all the goodness of dedicated hosting plus excellent add-ons like enhanced system security, software monitoring and updates and excellent system management. Managed web hosting is simply the best option for an individual who wants a fully equipped server minus the hard work.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting – this is a combination of a dedicated and a shared server, in VPS hosting, multiple users will share the resources of a host server but the allocated space and bandwidth will never be used up by others, thus ensuring better performance and continuous uptime even if you’re on a shared host.

Reseller Web Hosting – a hosting type that allows people to purchase a certain web space and resell it to others for an extra profit; reseller hosting is another avenue for a person who wants to venture into the highly marketable world of web hosting.

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