Web Host Location: How Distance Can Affect Your Business

web host locationMany things come into play when we’re trying to choose the correct web hosting plan for us. You might want to consider how much money can you invest on it, what is the amount of web space provided, bandwidth allotment, data transfer, among others. One thing that many people might not consider important is the location of you web host.

Given that the internet is known as the World Wide Web we might think the location of the web host shouldn’t matter since anybody in the world can have access to it. However through the experience of many clients and the reviews provided by the users it can be determined that the actual location of your web host can affect the speed of your website and therefore it can impact negatively your business.

It can be stated that the location of the web host is indeed very much important because it can determined the success or failure of your internet business. Some people state that you should find a server located in the same region or country in which your site is targeting to because this will provide improved SEO results. Every person that hosts a website is looking into getting enhanced SEO results therefore you should be cautious when choosing the location.

Another thing to consider is the technical and customer support offered by the web host. Surely, most of them will advertise that their support is available for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week but hundreds of customers have found how untrue this is. If your target visitors are in the UK and your web host is in the US you might have a hard time trying to reach them at midnight hours.

In a few cases (maybe not as common) a visitor in one country might have to pay more in order to access an “international” website.

Also you must keep in mind the laws within the jurisdiction of your web host location; an example of this the hosting of the widely known site The Pirate Bay which would be illegal in countries like the US.

A very important factor to consider is the speed with which a website loads. Of course we all want our sites to load as fast as possible because if it doesn’t then we risk that the visitor might leave the page. Many webmasters nowadays are attempting to use ping to charge the server’s speed. The distance between two points definitely affects the performance of the network. Therefore if the server is in the same country as the targeted visitors then the website will load much faster as opposed to the server being on the other side of the globe.

Another thing affected by the distance is latency which is any kind of delay acquired in the processing of the data in the network. If there is a uninterrupted stream of information and data there might not be long delays but if the website gets hits several times in order to bring a transaction to completion then this might contribute to a high latency. High latency refers to long delays while low latency means short delays. It is very much advisable to choose web hosts that are local in order to avoid any complication towards your business.

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